04 February, 2012

Cora and Ruby in the Studio

Minnesota is cold - super cold - in the winter so it is difficult to get photos of families, kids or grandkids in the outdoor natural light. So, a very smart woman began a business. She rents out studio space for photographers. We used the room with white walls, white seamless paper, reflectors, a few props, big windows and a wood floor. Rhonda, my daughter, and I had so much fun snapping these cuties in the studio.

19 December, 2011

Lucy - Gainesville, VA infant child photographer

She is such a cutie and loves to smile. When you talk to her she coos and listens so intently.

15 November, 2011

06 November, 2011

Ben - Gainesville VA Child, Family Photographer

The cold air and overcast sky didn't stop this little guy from being a cutie in front of the camera.

03 November, 2011

The "S" Family - Gainesville, VA Family Photographer

My darling friend and her cute family.
We did a mini-shoot for their Christmas Card photos.

20 October, 2011

Lucy - Gainesville, VA infant child photographer

We had about 5 minutes of "happy time" and a little bright light streaming through the window. She is a cutie!!

18 October, 2011

Ruby and Cora

Chasing these two around for photos was so worth it!! Just look at this sweet, sweet face....

05 October, 2011

Ryan's Family - Gainesville, VA Family Photographer

As we drove to the park this lovely barn caught our attention. Nothing in the park sparked our imaginations so we headed back to the barn. In the few minutes before sundown several lovely photos were created.

My favorite.  Daddy - Daughter.

She is growing up.  Lovely and Sophisticated.

Angel Face.

Fun, Cute and Independent.

Sweet Baby Face.

The Girls.

25 September, 2011

Blue Couch Photo Session

Tyson, the boys, and I went exploring in the field near their neighborhood and found this discarded blue couch. I snapped a few photos of Hayden.

Luckily, a few days later we were able to use the couch as a prop for family photos.